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Sumaiya Khatun
Jan 20, 2022
In Welcome to the Cars Forum
It seems to me that the issue today is not just employee data keeping the employee data out of the hands (or view) of employers, but also safe and secure from the best and brightest hacker groups. If you work with a third-party HRA and/or biometric screening company, does your contract with them expressly prohibit their sharing your employee data with anyone, any time, without your employer's and employee explicit approval? Secondly, as worksite wellness professionals, we need to start asking ourselves how much data do we actually need to run a successful AND effective employee health management initiatives within a greater employee wellness or wellbeing program framework? I would argue we need very little data at the individual employee level. I would argue that at the individual level, we only need to know employee needs and interests and the nature of any chronic disease the employee is already experiencing. Some would argue that we also need to know the individual employee's risk factors. I would disagree. We already know what the risks are for most employees: inadequate physical employee data activity, less than ideal nutrition, weight, not enough sleep and too much stress. For employees who still smoke, and who want to quit, tobacco use certainly also would certainly be another risk factor. So while big data may be important at the individual level, to initiate and support individual employee change efforts, I would argue that it is a whole lot less valuable at the aggregate level. If employers all offered comprehensive employee data wellness programs, which research has found to be the most effective type of program, we wouldn't need the individual risk data at all. As the nature of work continues to change leading to the continued blurring of the line between work and life, the data collected by wellness programs employee data pushes the question about what employers can demand of employees to yet another new level. The nature and degree of data needed for successful and effective worksite wellness programs is a discussion that needs to be had among program leaders and practitioners today. Carefully Co No employee data question. No debate. Worksite wellness programs need to be data driven. And you do want you program to be data driven as well, correct?
Sumaiya Khatun
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